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What We Do

What We Do
Providing the CRITICAL; RESEARCH, VERIFICATION, PREPARATION and SERVING of preliminary notices, mechanic’s liens and/or construction liens, and related construction notices which protect the lien RIGHTS of: Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Materials Suppliers, Equipment Rental Companies, Designers, Engineers, Architects, and Manufacturers who provide products, materials, and equipment used in the building and improvement of Real Property. CRM Lien Services, Inc. is licensed and insured. We provide comprehensive service in all 50 states. Don’t trust your documents to someone who may be willing and able but too small to take a chance on to securely protect your job related accounts receivable. CRM “Serving Industries that build America” for over 30 years.

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Preliminary Notice Cycle
Get help understanding how to find the notice or action you may need to take to protect your rights to Claim a Lien or a Bond Claim in all 50 States. Knowing when to file a lien and the need for a preliminary notice becomes easier to understand when using our 50 State Guide. This help page will give you a basic understanding of this tool. However, when in doubt, call us tool free at 1-800-PRELIMS.

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  • Pennsylviana Notice Registry – UP and running! As of December 2016 the Pennsylvania Legislature has opted to join the State of Utah with an online management of the protection afforded to Property Owners, Contractors, and Materials Suppliers under the latest PA Lien Law Statute. The two Critical Componants of these changes are: Projects must be valued at $1,500,000. or more. A Notice of Commencement ...
  • Are you protected by the Lien Laws? – part three       So we have covered: Real Property, Work of Improvement, and Eligibility in the first two parts of this series. These are all critical to understanding mechanics liens in almost every state. Now we will dive into the next critical area. Time   Every state has specific requirements with regards to the time allowed to seek protection under the mechanics ...
  • Are you protected by the Lien Laws? – part two From Part 1 of this series we learned that you must wrap your head around two basic concepts: Real Property and Work of Improvement. If you may still be unsure of these, please read part one of this series before going any further. Once you have Real Property and Work of Improvement under your belt. The next item to consider ...
  • Bonding around a Mechanics Lien – Let ’em do it! Some clients get all concerned when their customer or customer’s customer threatens to bond around their mechanics lien. Not quite sure what all the fuss is about. When someone choses to replace the Title of the Real Property being named in a Mechanics Lien with a Surety Bond, they in essence have made the collection process ...