Confusing a Lien with a Prelim
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Confusing a Lien with a Prelim

So what's the difference? Here is a simple analogy: Let assume that you want to see the latest summer blockbuster movie before it is out of the theater and only…

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Don’t Shoot The Messenger
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Don’t Shoot The Messenger

  Looks like the California Mechanics Lien process just got a little more expensive. Governor Brown has signed into law an amendment to the California Government Code: Title 3, Division 2, Part…

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I filed my lien . . . now what?

This is a very common question once a mechanics lien has been filed and served. The most important thing to consider is that your recorded mechanics lien: "Is not an…

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eSystems “Online Notice Management”

We have made some major improvements to our eSystems online document management program. Most significant is our online compatibility with the new Windows IE Browser. All Waivers and Releases are…

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