New Mississippi Lien Law

Mississippi adopts Senate Bill 2622 makes lien law requirements similar to Georgia
Mississippi has introduced new requirements for Contractors, Subcontractors, and Materials Suppliers who want to secure their Mechanics Lien rights after April 11, 2014. Everyone will now need to be served the appropriate notices at the beginning of the project in order to secure a lien right against the project. These notices include:

#1 Notice to Contractor
#2 Affidavit of Non Payment
#3 Pre-Lien (Intent)
#4 Construction Lien
#5 Payment Action (Lawsuit)

Detailed information on all of these steps can be found for free in our CRM 50 State Guide.

Some keys to success with the new Mississippi Lien Law requirements are:

  • Have your Notice to Contractor served within 30 days from starting on the Job
  • If you have issued a Mississippi Proprietary Waiver and Release and you have not been paid, you must serve a Affidavit of Non Payment within 60 days from the date of the unpaid release.
  • If the project is Residential, you must serve a Pre-Lien at least 10 days prior to serving a Construction Lien.
  • Your Construction Lien must be recorded and served within 90 days from last supplying to the project.
  • The new law provides for penalties of (3) three times the amount of the claim for those who file false claims.

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Aaron Blum

Director of Business Services at CRM Lien Services Inc.

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