Preliminary Notice – Signed, sealed, served and in your email box on the same day

How long should you wait before you receive your copy of the served preliminary notice?


When you ask your preliminary notice service for a copy of your served notice and their reply is something to the effect of “You want it when?” perhaps you should be considering another service.

At CRM we offer our clients everything from an immediate (eCopy) .pdf image of the served preliminary notice within minutes of being deposited at the Post Office for delivery, to a complete set of hard copies attached to their monthly served notices report.

Of course we also offer next day service to our clients by uploading your served notice to our proprietary online database system, eGreenies2, as well as the original eGreenies software application which is part of our subscription based eSystems online Preliminary Notice Management Tool.

Most clients want immediate service, especially when it comes to their preliminary service notice provider.  CRM is known for fast, professional service that stays current with technology trends to accommodate all of our customers.  One of the services offered is a FREE eCopy Service. To take advantage of this, all you need do is to indicate on your CRM Customer Preferences Profile that you want your served notices sent as an eCopy and provide us with your email address where you would like your copy of the served notice to be delivered. We will take care of the rest including getting you your copies right away.

Are you Needing More Than One FREE eCopy of Your Served Notice Delivered to Your Customer?

CRM Lien Services can help with this too! Just indicate on the Customer eCopy box on your request form and your customer will receive the eCopy at the same time you receive yours. This is very useful when your customer is in a “Subcontracting” position and by law, not required to be served a formal copy of the preliminary notice. By having CRM send a courtesy copy you keep your client in the loop, and avoid any questions which may arise from your decision to protect your mechanics lien rights and have a preliminary notice served on the project.

Keep in mind, the eCopy of the served preliminary notice will include all of the USPS Certified Mail Numbers which allows you to track the time and place when the entities named in the notice are physically served as well as the name of the individual who signed for the notice.

Not a big deal you say? You are right. It is probably a moot point in the service protocol. This is, of course, until you find yourself needing to file a lien to advance the actual collection of your unpaid balance. Then these Certified Numbers and copies of signed receipts become the catalyst to support the validity of your preliminary notice in the serving of a mechanics lien that will stand up in court to defend your claim.

Having the choice to receive an immediate eCopy of your served preliminary notice. Or being able to go online and have “Instant Access” to every notice served on your behalf by CRM during the last 24 months is the type of benefit you should expect from any reputable preliminary notice service. At CRM we have listened closely to what our customers have told us about choosing a service because of the “added value” they provide. While there is no doubt that almost any service can prepare and serve a preliminary notice, it takes an experienced company like CRM to make sure that your needs are respected; before, during, and long after the notice is served.

To learn more about the “Instant Access” through eCopy or any of the CRM customer benefits offerings, select from any of these links on our website:, eCopy, eGreenies2, eSystems.

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Aaron Blum

Director of Business Services at CRM Lien Services Inc.

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